I have had it for years, and just recently what I found to be very helpful is walking.He disappeared into the house, and I began warming my arms by rubbing them.He wasn't much loved in his own time, apparently, even by people - schoolmates, for example, and neighbours in Vermont - with whom he thought he was rubbing along well.

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Be transferred to, be passed on to, be transmitted to, be communicated to View synonyms rub someone out Kill someone.Have a helper hold one end of the paper off the surface while you work from the opposite end to slowly rub the paper down so no air bubbles are trapped.

1.5 Reproduce the design of (a sepulchral brass or a stone) by rubbing paper laid on it with coloured wax, pencil, or chalk, etc.When your schedule cuts stretching or sauna time out of your workout, reach for a rub.Tight clothes that rub against acne aggravated skin tend to disrupt the area even more and give rise to new pimples by spreading the oil and bacteria.